Hear my audiobook’s 1st chapter!

Just a quick note on some very exciting news.

As the launch date for the ebook and paperback of my historical fiction novel A Thin Porridge nears, I’m also working with a producer on the creation of the audiobook.

Utilizing ACX, which is Audible.com’s production wing, I found voice actor Tim Tidball.

Tim has the talent and enthusiasm I was looking for to complete this massive project which involves a story spanning multiple decades with dozens of characters over two continents.

A few weeks ago, we signed a contract and have been discussing notes on how best to produce the story.

Better yet, I recently received the first 15 minutes of A Thin Porridge audiobook.

While this isn’t the finished intro, it is a nice clean peek at what my book will sound like.

As excited as I was at the prospect of hearing someone bring my characters to life, actually hearing the audio was a truly thrilling experience.

Here it is, the first 15 minutes of A Thin Porridge. The file includes all of chapter one and a bit of chapter two.

I hope you dig it!

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