Review of A Thin Porridge

My upcoming historical fiction book A Thin Porridge has received another positive review.

This work is a literary thriller for those who enjoyed Out of Africa, The Poisonwood Bible, and Homegoing, as well as action/adventure works like Treasure Island, Lord Jim, and Blood Meridian.

The four-star review I received yesterday is by one Ms. Terri Steffes on Reedsy, and states, in part:

This is a page-turner—after the first couple of chapters—and you will want to slow down and take in all the detail, the sinister as well as the hopeful. It will be an impossible task, but in the end, you will be glad you spent your time with this incredible story.

I can’t thank enough the folks who take time to review books but it means the world to me when someone does.

Read the full review here:

And, if you’re interested in a free review copy—in exchange for an honest review, good or bad—please email me at

Be sure to indicate ebook or paperback and include a mailing address if you want a physical copy.

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