Turning my novel into an audiobook

The whole time I was writing A Thin Porridge I kept thinking of what a great mini-series and movie it would make.

But, the thought of an audiobook didn’t enter my mind until maybe the last year I was working on it.

I only just discovered a love of audiobooks in the last couple years.

When I did realize how perfect my story was for this venue, I assumed the cost and difficulty of production would be prohibitive.

Then I discovered ACX, the audiobook production wing of Audible, which is owned by Amazon.

The price tag isn’t cheap but it is within reach.

I put my project up on ACX.com and within a couple weeks I had half-a-dozen auditions.

I chose a voice actor who has a similar sound to narrators I enjoy listening to but is unique enough to where I feel listeners will get a fresh performance.

A big part of my decision to go with voice actor Tim Tidball was his level of enthusiasm for the project.

Sure, I could pay anybody on ACX to put the audiobook together. But, this little 107,000-word Historical Fiction book of mine is my magnum opus and it deserves to be handled by someone who sees it for the sweeping adventure it is.

As of right now, my narrator is working toward completion of another project and then we’ll get going on A Thin Porridge.

Deadline looks to be middle of May and I just can’t wait to hear my story come alive so I can share it with a whole new audience.

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