‘The Strange Untried’ selected by Fantasy Film Festival in Paris

My weird little dark dramedy short film script The Strange Untried has been selected for inclusion at the 2023 Le Festival du Film du Fantasme, also known as France’s Fantasy Film Festival.

Now in its fourth year, the FFF is an international film festival focused on fantasy and sci-fi.

“The Fantasy Film Festival is the first of its kind in Paris,” say promoters. “The Fantasy Film Festival team wants to meet, inspire and support the next pioneers of Fantasy, Science fiction and drama genres. ”

They added, “The FFF Lab exists to provide huge opportunities for filmmakers, producers and festival goers discussions, feedback on your work, workshops, and future support for your project.”

There were approximately 350 submissions to this year’s Fantasy Film Festival.

The festival has chosen 60 of those projects to be included in the FFF ’23.

From those selected, 20 awards will be presented.

I constantly see screenwriters debating over which film festivals, if any, are legitimate or worth submitting to.

Some say the only ones worth entering are Austin Film Festival and The Nicholl Academy Fellowship.

But, I say if you’re only entering two script competitions a year, you’re missing out on a ton of potential feedback from a wide variety of script readers.

Yeah, some notes may be of little help—and occasionally incomprehensible—but for the majority of us ham-and-eggers banging out specs in hopes of being that one in ten million who actually earns a few bucks for their scribbles … the more eyeballs on your screenplay the better, I say.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to this year’s FFF but, if I do end up winning, perhaps I can talk my director pal Matt into swinging by and picking up my award, as he’s been known to haunt Paris on occasion and is always looking for an excuse to get out of L.A. for a while.