My script End-Stop;; makes BlueCat Quarterfinals

Gordy Hoffman’s BlueCat Screenplay Contest released its list of 2023 competition quarterfinalists on Tuesday April 4.

Approximately the top nine percent of feature submissions made the first-round cut.

A total of 225 scripts out of 2,439 were chosen as quarterfinalists.

In the “pilot” category, there were 119 quarterfinalists chosen from 967 submissions.

Of the 513 “short” film screenplay submissions, 78 were chosen.

Semifinalists for BlueCat 2023 will be announced on Tuesday April 18.

My feature-length dark dramedy “End-Stop;;” … no, that’s not a typo … is among this year’s quarterfinalists. My first placement with BlueCat.

End-Stop;; is a hard-hitting, poignant, hilarious, and terribly offensive stage-to-screen relationship drama in the vein of August: Osage County and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

BlueCat prizes include:

  • Grand Prize – $5,000 (Features, Pilots, & Shorts eligible)
  • Feature Screenplay Winner – $2,000
  • Pilot Winner – $2,000
  • Short Script Winner – $2,000
  • Fellini Award Winner – $1,000 (Best Int’l Script)