My 2023 BlueCat Screenplay Competition script analysis

“This is a hilarious script with fantastic depth of character.”


The 2023 BlueCat Screenplay Competition released a round of script analyses this week, and though the announcements for first-round contenders are a ways off, the feedback I received was quite promising.
This is my second year submitting to BlueCat. My 2023 entry is a dark dramedy screenplay in the vein of stage-to-screen films like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and August: Osage County.
The response from my anonymous first-round script reader was both informative and encouraging. And gave me some constructive criticism I can use to improve my screenplay. The analysis included a lot more information which cannot be shared without giving away the entire premise and major plot points of the story.
But, here are some of the analysis highlights:

What did you like about the script?

[Main Character] is nihilistic, offensive, and witty. I liked him a lot.
This is a hilarious script with fantastic depth of character.
It takes place almost in real time.
The old couple is bitter and believable, and there’s a great deal of fun in witnessing them trade insults back and forth.
I liked that the script is a meditation on fame, art, and our expectations of celebrities.
[The three main characters] are likeable and highly flawed individuals.
The ending is moving.

What do you think needs work?

Although the story has excellent characters full of depth and extremely impressive dialogue, there’s very little action that takes place. This feels more like a straight play than a feature.

You still have time to submit to this year’s competition.
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