A reminder for wannabe screenwriters

As a hope-I-might-someday-sell-a-screenplay type dude, I would never … ever … ever … super-probably be overly precious about one of my written works.

But, if I was, I know my screenwriting mentor Don Holley—creator of the cult classic comedy Loaded Weapon 1—and a hilarious Hollywood memoir, would be there to yank my leash.

Because even the most magnanymous among us sometimes needs to be reminded that, what we create in a room alone may, if we’re lucky enough, become the base for a big pot of entertainment soup that a whole lot of chefs … and waitresses … and dishwashers … and well-intentioned customers are going to stick their spoons into.

Words of wisdom from Screenwriter Don Holley

I tell new/aspiring screenwriters all the time to abandon pride of ownership at the door or face eternal despair. A screenwriter’s “perfect” personal final draft screenplay instantly becomes the “working first draft” of any film production.

This may feel like creative cannibalism, and sometimes it can be, but mostly it’s a wonderful opportunity for story improvement and beautification.

Collaboration is not a ruinous monster, it’s an essential tool to creating a beautiful story product.

Any screenwriter blessed to actually sell or option their “baby” should enthusiastically embrace gratitude for being gifted the opportunity to share their prized story with the world.