Big Apple Film Festival update

Well, my dark and funny dramatic feature-length movie script about two brothers returning to their terribly dysfunctional childhood home in order to deal with their deceased mother’s estate didn’t place in the Big Apple Film Festival screenplay competition but I did receive an Honorable Mention for scoring in the top 50 percent.

I had joked on my Facebook page about trying to make it more high-concept by adding psychedelic sasquatches or time-traveling ghost detectives but I have been thinking about what I need to do to make it more salable.

I’m not sure changing the story is where I want to go with it. My inspiration was Tracy Letts’ stage play and film August: Osage County and mine, too, is a tense family drama peppered with humorous moments.

If I incorporated changes to make the screenplay more high-concept, it wouldn’t be the same movie.

Once I finish the half-dozen projects I’m working on getting into competitions and the couple I’m trying to get produced through independent filmmakers, I’ll go back over it and see where it can be improved.

Maybe I need to make the opening pop a little more. Perhaps some of the characters need enriching.

Maybe I’m overly enamored with it because it’s semi-autobiographical but I still believe in the core story and the interactions between the characters.

Well, I’m pushing to meet the Mammoth Pictures Screenplay Competition’s May 2 deadline, so I’d better get back at it.