Welcome to Planet Paragraph

I was already feeling kind of alright because I’d recently been informed a piece I wrote was in consideration—made it through the first round of judging anyways—for a sort of pretty big deal literary prize.

And, while my pessimistic little scribbler’s heart goes to work kvetching over an outcome that’s still months away, it sure is nice to dream.

That’s why I always scoff when I see people complaining about how long literary magazines take to respond to their queries.

For gosh sake (Gosh’s sake? Sakes? Snakes?), let them take as long as they want and thereby prolong the tiniest flutter of hope I allow myself.

The folks over at Paragraph Planet didn’t take very long to respond which, in my experience, is never a good sign.

But, to my surprise, they informed me that my entry “Wind in the Evening” was to be featured as today’s—Wednesday Oct. 30—story of the day.

For those of you who don’t know, Paragraph Planet is the ultimate in specialty microfiction.

They publish one 75-word story per day and have been doing so for nearly 11 years.

To date, they have an archive of over 1,600 stories, each 75 words exactly including the title.

What a neat and creative outlet for writers. The process of coming up with an idea that could be articulated in such small confines was a real challenge, and I could feel my scribe mind getting a good workout.

75-word stories may sound easy yet they are anything but. I recommend every writer take a break from their longer works and see for themselves what a creative boost you get from this form of microfiction.

Also, do yourself a favor and check out Paragraph Planet’s many other authors and stories.

If you do feel the muse’s pinch on your writerly cheeks and give it a go writing your own 75-word story, hit me up on Twitter @bengohs. I’d like to see what you’ve come up with.

Oh, and if you got the Sabbath reference in the title of this blog post, then we can almost certainly be friends.

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