Histfic novel ‘A Thin Porridge’ now available on audiobook

Historical adventure novel A Thin Porridge, by Benjamin J. Gohs, is now available as an audiobook on Audible.com and will soon be released on iTunes and Amazon.com.

To find the only kin she has left, protect the abolition movement—and survive—Abeona Browne must endure treacherous ocean voyages, outrun wild beasts, and elude bounty hunters in a frantic transatlantic 1860 journey which takes her across the African wilds … and through her famous family’s terrible past.

A Thin Porridge is a Homeric tale of second chances, forgiveness, and adventure that whisks readers from the filth of tweendecks, into the treachery of Cameroons Town, across the beauty of Table Bay, and deep into the heart of the fynbos—where wicked Boer miners continue the outlawed scourge of slavery.

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