A Thin Porridge is a motley mix of ne’er-do-wells, kind-hearted rogues, rapacious thugs, and opportunistic cowards

On day four of the book blog tour for new historical adventure novel A Thin Porridge we stop at Mercedes Rochelle’s Historical Fiction Blog.

I’m very excited for folks to check out her book blog because it’s a cool place and because I’m really happy with the piece she’s featuring.

EXCERPT: Along the way, from Southern Michigan to New York City, down Western Africa way, to the Dark Continent’s southernmost tip, and up across the unforgiving veldt, Abeona meets a fabled slew of dramatis personae wrenched from the blood-soaked tobacco-smoked haze of history. The cast of A Thin Porridge is a motley mixture of ne’er-do-wells, kind-hearted rogues, rapacious thugs, opportunistic cowards, and genuinely good folk who’ve made some mistakes along the way.

Of all the interviews, previews, and fun fact sheets I’ve filled out for the marketing of A Thin Porridge, I like the essay I wrote for Mercedes Rochelle’s Historical Fiction Blog the best.

So, hop on over and check it out … if you’re into that sort of thing.

A Thin Porridge: Guest Post by Benjamin J. Gohs

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