Fustini’s Oil and Vinegar opens new store

Fustini’s Oil & Vinegar grand opening in Boyne City this week

Fustini’s will celebrate the grand opening of its fifth Michigan location this week with appetizers and specials.

The retailer, which specializes in specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars, is located at 120 Water St. in downtown Boyne City.

“A trip to Fustini’s is not a standard shopping routine … it’s an experience,” said owner Jim Milligans. “Our core business has always centered around providing the highest quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars.”
He added, “We invite our guests to taste the oils and vinegars themselves and come up with their own favorite combinations.”

According to Milligans, his business model has worked well over the last seven years as his company expanded across Michigan.

Originating in Traverse City, Fustini’s now has stores in the cities of Petoskey, Holland, Ann Arbor, along with a store in Maui.

Fustini’s gets its name from the Italian word “fustini” for a stainless steel drum used to hold olive oil and vingar,

Milligan, started Fustini’s, after becoming enamored with the oil and vinegar stores he saw while traveling in Europe.

After a long career in international business at 3M and Imation Corporation, he created Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars.

Recognizing the exploding “foodie” market at its early stages, Milligan opened his first tasting room in 2007 in the idyllic Northern Michigan resort town of Traverse City, where he had regularly vacationed with his family for decades.

According to Milligan, his original store in Traverse City flourished from the start.

As it turned out, a healthy and nutritious product, presented beautifully, with a commitment to artisanal craft and supported by unwavering customer service, was bound to be a success.

Jim opened new stores in three additional Michigan locations—Petoskey, Holland and Ann Arbor—within the next three years.


Why oils and vinegars?

Fustini’s products are healthy, bold and flavorful additions to so many recipes — in everything from appetizers and entrŽes through desserts and even beverages. Vinegars are naturally low in calories and oils are high in anti-oxidants, so they’re as good for you as they are for the dishes you prepare.  And since they’re imported from select artisans and small-batch growers around the world, cooking with Fustini’s always means cooking with freshness and quality.

A trip to a Fustini’s is more than just a standard shopping experience too.

Customers can taste the products themselves and come up with their own favorite pairings.

With nearly 800 possible combinations, there’s something for everyone.

The grand opening celebration is scheduled for noon on Saturday Dec. 12.

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