The Sexton

The Sexton By Benjamin J. Gohs On to the next secret rendezvous where, in Charlie’s mind, anything could happen—anything bad. St. John’s wounds were visible, but his motive Charlie could not see. Swollen lips and bloody nose, reddened cheeks and snuffling crimson he tells the truth now all. “This what really happened.” St. John gazed … Continue reading The Sexton


Gibtown By Benjamin J. Gohs Henry watched the others pretending not to watch him. Young. Dyed hair, tattooed skin, heavy lipstick and funny hats, retro slacks and grandma’s jewelry. He noted them with cryptozoological curiosity. Never could grasp the desire for uniqueness. Delicious tall legs, straight spines, slim fingers, joints without ache. Polite, proper, respected, … Continue reading Gibtown