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Upcoming Novels

In addition to his historical fiction book A Thin Porridge (6-15-20) Benjamin J. Gohs has three contemporary novels planned for release over 2021-2022. Book reviewers and first readers interested in a free advance copy of one of the following manuscripts should email


Such Healthy Brutes (Literary Thriller) – Andrew St. John hopes to become the next president of the United States of America. There’s just one problem—he has a thousand problems! Scumbag, U.S.A. follows a washed up reporter named Charlie who joins the St. John independent political campaign. Their path to victory is fraught with blackmail, skinheads, shadowy G-men, border vigilantes, and hallucinations. Can St. John defeat the most dangerous president in American history without becoming the kind of monster he seeks to vanquish?

The Stickhare (Literary Thriller) – Henry is a 40-year-old ex-con with achondroplasia dwarfism, mounting gambling debts, and a sweet but hulking older sister—Georgia—with the mind of a child. Their bleak routine of barely getting by cooking and washing dishes at a diner, takes a bizarre turn when Georgia kills Henry’s abusive bookie with a hammer … because God told her to do it. Henry must now choose between Georgia’s mysterious kill list and his own conscience while unraveling an apocalyptic riddle during a cross-country murder spree beset by a menagerie of bizarre pawns, assassins, philosophers, and madmen each certain they’re doing God’s will.

Toynbee (Literary thriller) – Albert “Doc” Toynbee is a self-taught physician keeping order on an island refuge populated with former murderers and sex offenders who have no place else to go. But when a development company threatens to turn the northern Lake Michigan islet of Mt. Banke into a golf course for the wealthy, tensions among those living on the bucolic gulag boil over. Soon the peaceful retreat becomes the scene of sabotage, disease, and murder. Now on the run with an overgrown child and a pregnant waif, Doc must fight his way through an America he hasn’t seen in over thirty years—a land rife with the orphaned, the greedy, the soulless. Can Doc reconcile his awful past and lead the people he loves to safety?

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