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On the remote Islet of Mt. Banke, there is a thriving backwoods community of reformed murderers, rapists, and thieves.The doctor who leads this motley band of castoffs toils ceaselessly to atone for his own terrible sins—which have marked him, body and soul.When their idyllic existence is threatened by unstoppable forces, wrongs are done which cannot be made right again.So begins a strange and dangerous journey into the blackened heart of mind and man.Can the most reviled of men outrun cruel indifference … and their own worst selves … in the search for sanctuary? Buy Toynbee here

The Stickhare

The time is not now nor long ago, and the meek—as Frank Zappa sang—have inherited nothing. Fresh out of prison, Henry Coney struggles with gambling and booze, complications from his dwarfism, and caring for his sweet but hulking older sister Georgia, who has the mind of a child.

When Henry’s bookie is murdered under fantastical circumstances, he is thrust into a clockwork catastrophe. To unravel the apocalyptic riddle, Henry and Georgia embark on a cross-country holy mission beset by a bizarre menagerie of philosophers, assassins, and madmen.

Can it be that the lowest of men have been called to answer the word of God … or something more sinister?In his intense new novel, Benjamin J. Gohs returns to the Great Lakes region with a calamitous tale of life on the run—away from fate … and right back into its cold cruel arms. Buy The Stickhare here

A Thin Porridge

When Abeona Browne’s renowned abolitionist father dies in 1860, her life of privilege and naiveté in Southern Michigan becomes a frantic transatlantic search for answers to devastating family secrets.
Along the journey, Abeona learns of her father’s tragic and terrible past through a collection of letters he intended for someone lost long ago.
Passage to the Dark Continent is fraught with wild beast, raging storm, and bounty hunters who will stop at nothing to possess those damning secrets that threaten the very anti-slavery movement Abeona’s father helped build.
Can Abeona overcome antebellum attitudes and triumph over her own fears to right the wrongs in her famous family’s sordid past? Buy A Thin Porridge here

Humor Books

Before focusing on super-serious novels, Benjamin wrote several humor books including a compilation of his newspaper columns entitled I’m So Great & Other Delusions as well as the essay collection Frickin 40: Funny Stories About Middle Age. He also created an a-b-c book for grownups called and eventually … death.

I’m So Great & Other Delusions

Frickin 40 – Funny Stories About Middle Age

and eventually … death

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