The Truffaut Affair movie funding campaign begins!

Ask any filmmaker, big or small, and they’ll tell you the biggest roadblock to sharing great stories is tracking down the money to do so.

Now with just six weeks before principal photography begins on the feature-length funny, romantic, noir adventure film The Truffaut Affair, its director and producers have launched a campaign to help close their funding gap.

While the production has a substantial portion of its budget locked in, there are a number of necessities—including location and filming expenses, permit fees, craft services, and equipment, which still need funding.

The producers would like to raise the bulk of the funds through pre-orders and advertising sponsorships.

But, they are also offering lots of cool swag, including trips to the set, autographed scripts, vintage props that will be used in the movie, producer credits, and much more for those who wish to donate!

So, if you’d like to join the project in either a hands-on or supportive role, please consider checking out The Truffaut Affair’s IndieGoGo campaign.